How Can Post-it Notes Facilitate Alzheimer’s Care?

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Providing Alzheimer’s care requires patience and finding new ways to help your senior loved one manage his or her daily routine. Post-it notes have gained attention recently as an effective Alzheimer’s care tool. Here are a few ways you can incorporate these sticky notes into an Alzheimer’s caregiving plan. 

Check for Completed Tasks

Some activities in your loved one’s routine can be completed independently if you can double-check whether the tasks were accomplished. You can write each task down on a Post-it note and put it on the refrigerator. Your loved one can look at the refrigerator to be reminded and take the note down when the task is complete. Make sure to only use this for a couple of tasks so it doesn’t get overwhelming. Consider color coding the tasks that need to be done several times each day so your loved one doesn’t get confused. 

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Summarize Stories

As Alzheimer’s disease advances, some seniors find it difficult to stay focused long enough to read the news. Write brief summaries of your loved one’s favorite news and magazine articles on Post-its, and place them where he or she enjoys reading. Not only can this allow your loved one to continue enjoying a favorite pastime, but it can also keep his or her mind stimulated. 

Label Areas of the Home

Make it easier for your loved one to remember where things are by labeling the cabinets and drawers with Post-its. Being able to locate items with a quick glance allows your loved one to accomplish tasks faster. You can also use Post-its to label doors your loved one uses frequently to access certain parts of the house. 

Leave Instructions Where Needed

Your loved one may need assistance with remembering how to perform certain tasks, such as heating up meals. Simply write instructions down on a Post-it note and leave it near the materials your loved one will be using. For example, you could write a short list of instructions to remind your loved one how to feed his or her pets. 

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Communicate with Other Caregivers

As a family caregiver, it’s important to work with other people who can provide you with respite. However, trying to keep up with which parts of the routine are accomplished can get confusing when you’re rotating shifts. Use Post-it notes to set up a communication system with other caregivers. For instance, jotting down times when medication was given and sticking them on the cabinet door can help the next caregiver avoid reminding your loved one to take a dose that was already taken. 

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