5 Ways to Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease

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How to Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease

Most people are aware that Alzheimer’s disease damages a senior’s brain. It’s important to learn about strategies that may be helpful in staving off the condition. Here are some things Lincoln, CA, home care professionals suggest to help your senior loved one delay or prevent Alzheimer’s. 

1. Make Dietary Changes 

A healthy diet can help prevent numerous diseases, and Alzheimer’s is no different. Several studies have shown that increasing the intake of fruits and vegetables is beneficial, especially berries. Many components in berries help fight memory loss, so incorporate some into your loved one’s diet each day by adding them to snacks, smoothies, and salads. Other studies have shown that a Mediterranean diet, which includes fish, nuts, oils, and vegetables, may help stave off Alzheimer’s. 

2. Keep Blood Pressure Under Control 

High blood pressure can lead to stroke, kidney failure, and a number of other health conditions, and it can also increase your loved one’s chances of developing dementia or Alzheimer’s. If you are unable to help your loved one manage cognitive decline through a healthy diet, exercise, and stress management strategies, talk to his or her doctor. The doctor may prescribe medication to manage the symptoms. 

3. Get More Exercise

Physical activity may also keep Alzheimer’s at bay. When blood is pumping, it increases the flow of oxygen to all organs, including the brain. Talk to your loved one’s doctor about the types of exercises that can be performed safely. Consider going for walks together if your loved one is mobile. The exercise will benefit both of you, and the companionship can help ease your loved one’s loneliness and provide cognitive stimulation. 

4. Socialize More 

According to the Alzheimer’s Association, social activities are another way to stave off Alzheimer’s. Many seniors become less socially active as they age because of retirement, decreased independence, and difficulty finding new friends. Help your loved one meet new people by encouraging him or her to take on a part-time job, volunteer, take up a new hobby, join a club, or even sign up for social networking websites. 

5. Hire a Professional Caregiver 

If your senior loved one is not as independent as he or she once was, consider hiring a professional caregiver to come to his or her home each day or several times a week. In addition to assisting with tasks around the house, a caregiver can provide cognitive and social stimulation to your loved one. Encourage them to take walks together, play card games, or work on art projects. Not only can this help your loved one keep Alzheimer’s at bay, it can also provide you with some time to take care of your own needs.

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If your elderly loved one is living with Alzheimer’s and needs help managing the symptoms, turn to Home Care Assistance, a leading provider of Alzheimer’s home care. Lincoln, CA, seniors can rely on our revolutionary Cognitive Therapeutics Method (CTM), an activities-based program that helps slow cognitive decline and delay the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. CTM also encourages seniors to engage with others in an enjoyable way and helps them build new routines to look forward to. For more information on our premier Alzheimer’s care, call (916) 226-3737 to speak with one of our experienced Care Managers.


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